iPhone Audio Jack Stylus

This iPad Stylus Pen review and description
For: iPad, iPad2, Android, iPhone, iPod Touch Already innovative with the Super Mini Stylus, we have gone one smaller in size and one up in innovation with our Nano Stylus AKA the Headset Plug Stylus range. Our smallest stylus the Nano Stylus is completely non obtrusive when no in use, slipping firmly into your standard 3.5mm audio jack. Available in Black and Silver Features and Compatible as:

  • Universal touch pen
  • Made of high quality and durable material
  • Protect your screen from fingerprints, smears and and scratches
  • Featuring an extremely compact design and smooth touch and feel for maximum comfort and accuracy
  • Compact, light weight, and stylish
  • Incidental 3.5mm headphone jacks dust-proof plug
  • Asus eee Pad Stylus
  • iPad Stylus
  • iPhone Stylus
  • iPod Touch Stylus
  • Android Stylus
  • Nexus Stylus
  • HTC Stylus
  • Galaxy Stylus
  • Windows Mobile Stylus
  • Windows 7 Stylus

This quality constructed stylus is the perfect companion to your iPad, Android or Kindle device!

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